Benefits of Onions Uses of Onions How are Onions Useful to Us

Benefits of Onions  Uses of Onions  How are Onions Useful to Us

Onion the itself it very interesting because it makes our food tasty than any thing. This belong to genus Allium and its botanical name is Allium Cepa. These onions contain Phenolics and flavonoids that have potential anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant properties in it.

Onions are very good for health. It is suggested to take onion for people who suffer from many health problems.

You cannot imagine a Kitchen without onions. Though it bring tear when you cut onions you never give up eating them. Also some say they are cause for bad breath but some believe taking onion every day keeps us away from many diseases.

Onions are has Vitamin C in high quantity. It also has good fiber source. Onions are free from sodium, fats, and cholesterol and it has other essential nutrients. Onions are very good for health whether consumed raw or can be taken along with other vegetables in curries.

Selection and storage is very important for these onions. You can select the onions that are fresh and importantly it should not have black molds on it. You can store them at room temperature also in a dark place. We should be very careful when we refrigerate them because once they are kept out of refrigerator you need to use them immediately.

Benefits of Onions:

  1. Onion reduces sugar level. You can maintain sugar levels using onion regularly.
  2. Onions can reduce sinus.
  3. Onions keep cholesterol levels under control.
  4. Onions can remove bacteria in food you take.
  5. If you are suffering from bronchial asthma then onion will help you to get relief from that.
  6. Onions has less calories in it.