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Health, Fitness and Beauty Published June 9, 2013 By admin No matter how careful we are, our skin, unsightly nature UPS flare from time to time may occur. Dry skin, central heating and air-conditioning accessories of modern life can have unhealthy effects on the skin, and even the weather raged, and even usually flawless complexion. However, frowning at himself in the mirror, instead of taking action! Blues beat America with these 100% natural quick fixes. To ensure Gorgeous organic manner.

Solution: hair guacamole. When hair becomes straight and greasy, it is tempting to try to dry out, but it often requires a boost in the form of a number of fatty acids and proteins. Give you a simple form of avocado lock some super nutrition.

How to: mix and match a nice ripe avocado with a tablespoon of olive oil, apply to damp hair and leave for at least 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This may require more than one wash to remove every trace of lovely green avocado.

Solution: Silky sugar body scrubs. When the legs and other body parts begin similar alligator’s time to treat yourself and indulge in a low-cost body scrub. This will slough off flaky bits and smooth the skin, leaving you glowing gorgeous.

How to: In a bowl mix two tablespoons of fine white organic sugar, organic sunflower oil two tablespoons coarse. Finely ground into a bright orange rind mixed smell. Sugar scrub gently massage the skin wet in the shower and rinse with water. Pat skin dry reservations, nourish oil, and enjoy free skin silky scales.

The solution: use yogurt to live. Face, especially in the winter months, you can develop a dull patina. Ultra-fast and easy solution is simple plain yogurt. Since the presence of lactic acid bacteria yogurt has a very mild bleaching effect, uniform color, for a better healthy glow.

How to: Pat two tablespoons of plain organic yogurt live in the face and neck, avoiding the eyes and leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with water. Gently pat the skin dry, look in the mirror and saw a healthy complexion appear in front of you.

Solution: chamomile tea. Waking eyes like two wrinkled raisins into uncooked dough can be a depressing sight. Fortunately, chamomile tea is a great friend in the eye. Chamomile, rich self-healing properties, anti-inflammatory and help reduce puffiness. Chamomile is also great, eye pain, red, itchy or tired.

How: Just a cup of chamomile tea, organic chamomile tea bags have two, then remove and leave to cool bags, wring out, so they do not drip. Lay back on 10 minutes per eye bags. After flushing out and enjoy the sparkling eyes.

5. Question: eczema flare-ups, and other sensitive

Solution: oatmeal. Can be maddening to those who suffer from eczema and itching, which can look unsightly and itch like crazy. It is almost impossible not to scratch and scratch bleeding and flaky. However, silky oats can provide soothing relief.

How to: Cut a section of an old pair of thin nylon pantyhose, tied up at one end, to make the fabric container. Into tights to a large minority or two organic oatmeal and the other end tied up, so you have a closed sac oaty tights. This may seem odd, but believe me, it really does work. Wash bags with oats, soak in the tub or shower, warm water will cause oats turn into a paste, they will release a milky white liquid, clean and beautiful skin, relieve pain eczema.

Really acute eczema areas to make porridge package, enough warm water, mixed a tablespoon of organic oats, forming a thick sticky paste. Application of this affected area and leave for 10-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat a day or more soothing very simple solution twice.

Solution: witch hazel, lavender. Tight pink skin from an accidental sun exposure can lead to a lot of damage to the underlying tissues of the skin and make you look permanently too embarrassing. This heat must be taken as soon as possible of the area. Lavender has long been used for all types of burns, but also skin repair, and a preservative. Witch hazel provides a wonderfully cooling and astringent lend a helping hand.

How to: Buy a bottle of witch hazel, add 30 drops of lavender essential oil. This bottle in the refrigerator, and the first suspicion of mild sunburn, shaken up, fight skin loose. Reapply every half an hour at least until the heat has been taken out of the skin.

Solution: lemon and steam. Just when you thought it was safe to come out, a terrible red spot appears somewhere in anger abundantly clear (and it is always obvious in places like the nasal floor) ruin your day. A point is really just a block pores, will need treatment the night before, so it has time to heal. However, there may be a simple lemon juice and porogen cleansing facial steam rid of these pimples.

How: When you can feel a spot under the skin brewing bedtime, apply fresh lemon juice the next day, when it is, it has come to head loosened, you can lightly steamed. Half full of water on a very hot boil (do not use boiling water vapor can damage the skin), chuck 5 chamomile tea bags and leaning in a bowl full of steam gently against his face, a large heatproof bowl. Sure on the spot to get a fair dose of steam. Continue to steam for at least 10 minutes, then massage the area around the pimple. Exert gentle pressure around the spot to help the skin to clear pores, but never directly squeeze points! After the site has been cleared tapped once more fresh lemon juice, to close pores and keep it clean.

Solution: DIY healing balm. Sore chapped lips are no fun, and most commercial lipstick, most of them come from just a coat of Vaseline lip, choking the way they provide little real healing. Contains nourishing oils and beeswax lip protection, a natural handmade version is the best treatment and prevention.

How to make your own lip balm is very simple, ever need. All of the following ingredients, should be easy to find in health food stores.

10 ml cold pressed wild / organic honey

Probably cut and melt together beeswax simmering water (such as melted chocolate) pan in a glass bowl of honey, wax and carefully remove the oil into a small pot hot, pour the melted lip balm, then let cool. After cooling on the lips, and label. These balms will remain for one year.

The solution: baking soda. One of those awkward questions, is not no one likes to be told that their feet smell offensive. Nylon socks, plastic coaches, and even diet may contribute to the problem. It is always beneficial to foot t allow them some daily nude time, so kick those shoes and socks, and enjoy the feeling of freedom. After this put your toes and feet every day. Baking soda is a great odor absorbent nature, one is too cheap.

How to: Half fill a large bowl with warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda stacked, soak your feet every day for at least 20 minutes. You can also sprinkle baking soda into your shoes and leave overnight, absorbent, odor. Just remember to tip the powder in the morning, put on shoes.

Solution: rose water. Distillation of rose petals to make a simple skin tonic alleviate oily skin luster. Rose water is gentle enough to cause skin overcompensation even more oil production. Use rosewater clean the

Posted in Health and Nutrition Tagged body scrub, body scrubs, easy solution, flaky skin, heating and air conditioning, lactic acid bacteria, plain yogurt, ripe avocado, sunflower oil, uniform color The Definition of Health Published May 28, 2013 By admin A lot of people the word ‘health’, heard and read almost every day, but all of them understand the meaning of the word, what is it? Sometimes we use the word, because we have too many things, we do not even know it’s true definition for granted. So now, we are going to discuss about the definition of health, from various sources to broaden your health knowledge, even from its basic meaning.

If we take a look at the many dictionary entries are mostly “healthy” will be defined as “the state of our physical and mental condition.” In Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of this project yields “state of sound body and mind , or spiritual. “Therefore, in this case, there are two major elements define Health – Body (physical health) and mental (mental health). These two elements should be in the appropriate conditions, in order to achieve a healthy state. However, there is another definition of “healthy” characteristics, namely: physical illness or pain and poor emotional freedom. World Health Organization also issued its own definition of health as early as 1946: “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition is quite similar to the Merriam Webster represents state dictionaries are the light of the same elements: mind (spirit), the body (physical) and soul (emotions), although by the World Health organization’s definition also includes “social welfare” as a healthy characteristics.

These definition of health from different sources. As a conclusion, “health” can be generally defined as “the overall situation or our mind, body and soul of the state, condition in which there is no physical pain and bad mood.” A healthy person is one who has a good conditions of his / her mind, body and soul. Now we know the true definition of health, why do not we start our efforts, it is now completely healthy?

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