Organo Gold Marketing Tip Healthy Coffee Sells

Organo Gold Marketing Tip  Healthy Coffee Sells

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Written by Loreen in Organo Gold Marketing Tips

No experience necessary to be a success with this Healthy Coffee!

When I first heard about this product with Organo Gold I immediately thought Oh no!  here it comes, the dreaded MLM, the home parties, the bugging friends and family, asking them to buy my latest and greatest.  I thought this is NOT for me.

Hey, I know that hoards of people have fantastic success with great MLM products, MonaVie, XanGo, Xocai, Avon, Mary Kay, AMWAY all great companies with great products that work really well for folks with a great network of people available to them.

But, Im perhaps a bit different.  I dont have a huge network of people that I hang out with, I work from my home, dont have kids, and though I am spiritual I wouldnt say religious and so I also dont attend church. So, how is a person like me, who couldnt fill a room with more than 2 dogs, 2 cats and her mom and dad supposed to make it big in the network marketing world?

By sharing a product that the masses 255 Million of them are already addicted to COFFEE. You dont have to know very many people to know someone who drinks coffee may even know someone who cant talk to you in the morning until theyve had their first or even second cup!

So, what I knew I could do was find a few coffee drinkers and share with them a healthy alternative.  No speeches, no uncomfortable parties, no pitches just ask someone Do you or does someone you know drink coffee?  What do you think the answer to that question will be?  Um YES, every time.

In the video below I share with you how a really shy person with exactly zero networks has been able to  achieve success with Organo Gold healthy coffee.

So, you see, it can be done!  Its a great way to supplement the traditional methods of growing your business and its very effective IF you saturate the market and keep getting out there to share the information and your samples.

My parents were in a similar situation, newly retired, moved to a new community and looking for a great way to introduce OrganoGold to their new community.  They placed the door hanging bags on mailboxes in their areawaited a bit and within 24 hours got their first call from someone who LOVED the coffee and was interested to learn more.

Its great to have quick, simple success with this product it really sells itself, no long speech necessary just share and enjoy!

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