Postpartum what item should inspect?

Postpartum what item should inspect?

  expert reminds a lying-in woman, also want to notice oneself body after childbirth, have necessary postpartum examination in time, make the puerpera gets resumptive as soon as possible.

Doctor of Chairman Li Hong points out courtyard of health care of sunny area women and children, pregnant puerpera often takes antenatal examination seriously very, and postpartum examination often is ignored, think to want the child to be born smoothly only with respect to everything is just fine. Actually postpartum examination also is very important, it can discover a variety of diseases of the puerpera in time, still can avoid sicken lying-in woman’s healthy to the baby effect, still can help a puerpera take likely contraceptive step in time at the same time. Right the person that there is serious complication between gestation is attached most importance to especially should.

Li Hong introduces, postpartum health of the puerpera is safeguarded include postpartum visit inspect and postpartum checkup two parts. After the puerpera leaves hospital, can undertake a family visit by personnel of community Medical Protection inspect, understanding puerpera and new student healthy circumstance, include circumstance of circumstance of instauration of circumstance of feed of milk of circumstance of puerpera food, Morpheus, breast circumstance, mother, uterus, cut to wait.

So, postpartum what item should inspect? Li Hong introduces, postpartum examination should arrange commonly in postpartum 42 to undertake inside 56 days:

It is systemic circumstance examination above all, include:

1, measure weight. Gain weight should insist too quickly to take exercise, weight on the low side should strengthen nutrition.

2, measure blood pressure. If blood pressure has not return to normal, should prove a cause, to disease cure.

3, the lying-in woman that has heart disease, hepatitis, Jia Kang and urology infection disease, answer to make detailed inspection to internal medicine.

4, assay of convention of blood, make water.

It is the examination of department of gynaecology and obstetrics next, include:

1, the examination is perineal reach produce situation of the heal that crack an injury, anal organization tightens tension to restore circumstance and vaginal wall to have by the pelvis go out without Peng.

2, the quantity that examines vaginal secretion and color.

3, examination cervix has without erosion.

4, whether is examination uterus size mixed normally have without prolapse.

5, examination uterus accessory and all round the organization has without inflammation.

6, examination breast has without ache or swollen content, galactic enough.

7, to Caesarean birth person, want to examine abdominal cut case.

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