Iridology: Reflections of Health From The Eyes

Iridology: Reflections of Health From The Eyes

Iridology (pronounced eye-ri-dology) is the art of analyzing the iris (tinted portion of the eye) to perceive what it reflects about the fitness of the body bandannas. The iris regulates the total of light ingoing the eye by making the pupil bigger or minor. Qualities of the iris such as tint, construct, density and gradeings (rings, acne, emission and their spot) are examined in iridology.

The iris of the eye is a reflector of your fitness. The eye has been worn as a diagnostic indicator of being provisos for centuries. Once an iridologist has detected a conundrum, the diagnosis can be rigid by your fitness practitioner. Iridology may be worn in conjunction with any other approach of fitness assessment.

tentative your iris can non-invasively uncover constitutional strengths, weaknesses and inner bandanna conundrums before they extent a more sincere, symptomatic phase. It can also be worn as a tool to observer body rejoinder to therapies.

During the second part, we must switch to a more serious side to fully communicate the subject matter in a way for all to understand.

Iridology cannot expose certain illnesses or give diagnoses.


The ritual of iridology is not new. minutes show a form of iris interpretation was worn in dishware as far back as 1000 BC. Dr. Ignatz von Peczely of Hungary and monk Nils Lijequist of Sweden discovered iridology independently and simultaneously. Peczelys discovery was triggered when he noticed a different grade in the eye of an injured owl. Lijequist noticed that drug residues left grades on the iris. Both these men also urbanized iris charts of incredible similarity. The first chief work on the model and ritual of iridology was printed by Peczely in 1880. The remedial mainstream of the day was very greatly different to this thesis and did all they could to discourage the continuation of this remedial ritual. In malice of this, curiosity and application of iridology have unceasing to this day.

Subsequent resultment occurred in Germany. In the early 1900s, iridology made its way to North America where Dr. Bernard Jensen urbanized the Jensen charts which are worn by iridologists worldvaried. The pennant Jensen charts are worn when analyzing anothers eyes and the contrary Jensen charts are for person-scrutiny.

Iris scrutiny is presently emergent in popularity among fitness burden practitioners worldvaried.

How Can It Help Me?

Iris scrutiny shows prime constitution, its inherent rigid strengths and weaknesses, and gives a baseline for house and maintaining fitness. because the iris changes with fluctuations in body fitness, it offers an ongoing picture of inner provisos and is an valuable way to observer medicinal. It gives the individual the opportunity to understand and take responsibility for his or her own body.

Iridology shows the utter of body bandannas, lethal deposits, inflammation, unrefined and mental weakness and stress, preclinical phases of disease and medicinal. However, iridology cannot uncover such gear as blood make, medications being worn, pregnancy, tumors, hemorrhage, gallsand, kidney sand or blocked arteries.

hankie provisos are exposeed at four levels of the iris: acute, subacute, lasting and degenerative. Iridology exposes conundrums in the seminal phases, before any disease symptoms have happening to grow, so early corrective action can be full.

How Does It Work?

The eyes are an addition of the intellect via the optic nerves. The nerve fibers that end in the iris link to the total body. Different parts of the iris correspond to different parts of the body. The charisma or absence of certain gradeings in the iris reflects the proviso of the associated body part. There is almost 120 time of scientific facts screening the accuracy of iris scrutiny.

The Jensen charts show the eyes and map body parts to correspond to certain areas of the iris. There are 166 areas: eighty-six in the left iris and eighty in the right iris. The blueprint of the eye charts is analogous to the body with the intellect at the top, the feet at the underwall, the skin on the scarce and the entrails on the inwall. The right eye reflects the right wall of the body and the left eye reflects the left wall.

PDF of the Jensen Chart

How Is It Done?

Iridology is not a healing therapy, but a form of scrutiny to assess provisos of fitness. It should be worn in conjunction with information from other obtains to offer a diagnosis.

Traditionally, iridology was performed with a focworn light obtain to illuminate the iris and a magnifying goblet to explain niceties.

nowadays, specialized cameras are worn to photograph the eyes with tint transparency haze to allocate for enlargement through projection. This creates larger note for accurate scrutiny. examine continues to result a computerized structure of iris scrutiny. Due to the difficult variations in each individual iris, the duty is monumental. There are no two irides alike, they are as different and exclusive as fingerprints.

ahead viewing the enlarged irides, the iridologist refers to the iridology chart and correlates the skin seen in the irides to the many anatomical constructs.

You can evaluate your own irides with a focworn flashlight, a magnifying goblet (4x is recommended) and iridology charts. Be persuaded to do enough background study on iridology to well understand this knowledge.

food is regularly worn as an associated therapy after iridology indicates which areas of the body essential medicinal. Iridology food charts show which vitamins, reserves and herbs are useful for different areas of the body.

In Germany and other European countries, homeopathic practitioners make varied use of iridology. Throughout Europe, homeopathic medicines are worn more than foodal therapies in conjunction with iris scrutiny.

Where Do I Go Next?

Consult an iridology or holistic fitness association to find a practitioner, or look for books in a holistic bookshop or artless food storeroom

Did You Know?

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