Do you read nutrition labels on food or completely ignore them?

Do you read nutrition labels on food or completely ignore them?

Do you read nutrition labels on food or completely ignore them?

April 10th, 2010 Posted by admin 13 Comments

I find myself reading them more and more

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Have to read, my son is diabetic! Very important!!

Completely ignore them. Some of the nutrition labels LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE! Others are very truthful. Most of them are close to what they wrote.

the newer ones have good information on them

I read the labels off of everything actually… ever since I was a little girl.

i read them, but that doesn’t mean i follow them lol

They’re putting ‘em ON the food itself now?

Man, what’s it coming to?

Ignore! I’ll worth it off later.

i read them ..but where are they at the chinese restaurant?

Of course I read them, I just don’t always abide by them, lol

Completely ignore them. but i do look at the best by date on everything. But with nutrition, it changes all the time, what good for you now, will be bad for ya in a year or two. So why read them.

my husband does the shopping and the cooking he makes sure we eat healty foods so no I dont

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