Foods With Neutral Attribute And Their Efficacies

Foods With Neutral Attribute And Their Efficacies

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), foods are classified into Cold, Cool, Hot, and Warm attributes. In addition to these four, there is a fifth, the Neutral or Mild one—that’s when a food doesn’t have extreme/strong energies, it is labeled as Neutral.

Foods with Neutral Attribute and Their Efficacies

However, for practical purposes, TCM Practitioners categorize foods into three big groups: Cold/Cool, Hot/Warm, and Neutral. While Cold/Cool foods such as watermelon has the medicinal functions of clearing heat and removing toxin, and Warm/Hot foods like garlic is able to warm the body and invigorate blood, Neutral foods such as tomato is served as bridge to harmonize and neutralize our body.

So, let’s introduce some Foods with Neutral Nature to you and have them restore your body’s balance that eventually leads to health.

* Soybean

Efficacy: Nourish kidneys and heart / Resolve toxin and dispel pathogenic wind (TCM regards that when our internal “Yang” energy is weak, it won’t be able to defend the body against disease-causing substance such as wind, coldness, or dampness and will get sick.) / Promote blood circulation / Facilitate urination
Usage: To improve kidney function, eye health, irregular menstrual cycle, etc.

* Black Sesame

Efficacy: Nourish liver and kidneys / Enrich blood / Moisten dryness
Usage: To treat dizziness, lung dryness and cough, constipation; improve milk quantity for breastfeeding, etc.

* Peanut

Efficacy: Soothe lungs and nourish stomach / Tranquilize mind
Usage: To ease high blood pressure, insomnia, etc.

* Grape

Efficacy: Nourish “Qi” (essential energy) and blood / Strengthen tendon and bone / Facilitate urination
Usage: To Mitigate chronic stomach inflammation, dizziness; improve kidney function, etc.

* Lotus Seed

Efficacy: Nourish heart and kidneys / Replenish spleen
Usage: To enhance spleen function; mitigate cloudy/murky urine, spermatorrhea, etc.

* Honey

Efficacy: Moisten dryness / Remove toxic substance / Relieve sore and pain
Usage: To ease high blood pressure, heart and liver related diseases, stomach and duodenal ulcers, constipation, dry cough, etc.

Want to experience the energies of Neutral Food? Try out this recipe: Lotus Seed White Fungus Soup.

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