Get Your Pet Healthy With A Raw Dog Food Diet

Get Your Pet Healthy With A Raw Dog Food Diet

The partnership between dogs and humans has been traced back for thousands of years. Understanding their usefulness in a variety of areas, humans have maintained this relationship and have had a direct hand in the genetic manipulation that has resulted in the large swath of breeds we have today. On the dog side of the this equation these animals understand the mutual benefit of this relationship with the granting of food and shelter. Human life is very different today and so many people have dogs for the companionship alone. Dogs have officially been upgraded to being a member of the family and the pet accessory industry has exploded to include a variety of accessories and different diets like raw dog food.

Diet and nutrition is extremely important for the health of any animal, including human beings. A shift in thinking about what we consume has started to enter the public discourse. Science and some media outlets have begun to point a finger at the corn industry which has a hand in many areas of food production.

The reason for the this is the simple fact that it has a hand in every bit of food production. Corn and corn derivatives, namely high fructose corn syrup, are found in almost all grocery bought foods, as well as the meats that we buy. This is because of the use of corn as a feed for livestock.

While humans must eat omega-6, they must also eat omega-3 and the ratio of the two is now skewed toward an overconsumption of omega-6 acids. This products ubiquity has been linked to both the obesity and cancer epidemics. While there is a large amount of evidence to point to its influence no changes are being done to change food production.

For dog owners who are concerned about their pet’s long term health, diet is one of the most important purchases they can make. Most dog foods on the market are a mix of ingredients with corn or corn by-products being the largest component. This can be shocking for owners who are accustomed to believing that their dogs are eating meat.

Owners want their dogs eating meat and indeed, that is what nature would prefer which is why raw dog food has become so popular. The change to raw diet can help the health of your dog in ways you would not expect. In terms of something as commonplace as stool, owners are shocked to see that it changes to being smaller, harder, less copious, and above all, not smelly.

All ingredients in raw food are formulated for a dog’s health in mind. Exact ratios of various meats, fruits and vegetables, as well as supplements are mixed together for the purpose of enabling a better and more stream lined digestion.

The fruits and vegetables are all organic and the meats are raised under hormone and steroid free conditions. The finest ingredients do come with a higher price, but eating right means giving more thought and money to the process.

The change in health that comes from a good diet is incalculable. Taking the time to research what a raw diet can do for your pet will most likely have you trying it out!

Jamie is a canine health consultant who specializes in natural pet foods.