Gym, health club or a membership sports club?

Gym, health club or a membership sports club?

So what’s the difference between a membership sports club, a gym, a health club and a recreation center/facility?

There is nothing etched in stone but here’s what we have experienced.

  • Sports club

    A true sports club is usually a members-only sports-specific club e.g. the polo club, or the tennis club. Members join to have access to the specific sports facilities and events. They might also have other recreation or gym facilities but they are usually secondary to the sports membership and focus.

  • Gym

    Gyms are usually thought of as more hard-core training facilities e.g. World Gym or Gold’s Gym. You will usually find more competitive bodybuilders and strength athletes at a gym.

  • Health club

    A health club is usually a more comprehensive gym. In addition to offering a multitude of weight training machines, free weights and cardio equipment, a health club might offer classes such as spinning, yoga, classes in nutrition and weight loss, etc, etc.

    The health club might also offer a pro shop for clothing, and a sports bar or nutrition bar.

    Many offer some recreation facilities such as tennis or racquetball / squash, and swimming facilities.

So what will a membership health club gym cost me?

How much is a car?!!

It depends on what you want.

If you want to join the most expensive sports club in the area it could run in the thousands of dollars per year.

Most health club gyms offer various memberships which can range as low as $15 per month (for extended term contracts,) to an average range of $40-80 per month.

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